Dig Studio

600 N 4th St Ste D,
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Investigative, curious designers unearthing possibilities and solutions through collaboration with our clients, colleagues, and communities.

General info
At Dig, we love when people enjoy the places we create. We explore the potential that every project holds to make a positive impact on its users and the environment. We believe that thoughtful design is essential to the health and well-being of people and the environment. The places that we create should encourage inclusivity, diversity, activity and a sense of belonging to promote positive social interaction and environmental stewardship.

We enjoy working on a variety of project types at many scales; this intentional diversity encourages us to think holistically and creatively about every project. Our experience allows us to carry conceptual goals into built realities, but we do not rest on our experience to create replicas of the past. We are interested in an honest design process that values knowledge and discovery; in this way can create environments that are as functional as they are beautiful, are as timeless in their quality as they are unique in their design.

We operate with openness, both internally and externally. We energize the design process by encouraging a free sharing of ideas and fostering creative work environments. Through proactive communication and collaborative relationships with our clients and communities, we can help refine their visions to create distinctive, yet authentic solutions.