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Hopper Finishes

14445 North 73rd Street,
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

Specialty plaster finishes and custom plasters by Hopper Finishes, the premier provider and installer in the U.S. market. Choose from Venetian, lime, clay.

General info
Hopper Finishes is a custom studio which manufactures, imports and installs integrally colored plasters for residential, commercial and public spaces. Established in Arizona in 1934, Hopper Finishes is recognized locally and nationally as the premier provider and installer of interior and exterior custom plaster finishes to the U.S. Market. By providing traditional Venetian plasters, specialty lime plasters from Italy and earth clay plasters from theNetherlands, Hopper Finishes is able to complement any aesthetic setting, from old-world to contemporary, minimalist design.
The Hopper Line of specialty plasters requires an approach to application that goes beyondconventional plaster or drywall finishes. The different techniques incorporate fine movements of the trowel that result in subtle clouding and mottling that is the hallmark of traditional Italian fresco handwork. Due to the skill required for such work, Hopper Finishes installs our finishes through our own specially trained artisans.
Hopper Finishes uses the finest materials available in our line of specialty plasters, as well asspecialty additives such as crushed seashell, burlap, straw, metal powders and wax sealers. Our firm works closely with the interior design and architectural communities in the creativeprocess of matching fabric, stone and other complementary materials in their palette. Hopper Finishes can match any custom color and can also source photographs, print images and natural materials that draw inspiration.