Janet Brooks Design

8701 East Vista Bonita Drive,
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Our Interior design Scottsdale AZ team will sweep you off you feet and turn your head! Color, placement, design and personal attention at Janet Brooks Design.

General info
Janet Brooks Design is an exclusive interior design studio, located at Pinnacle Peak and Pima in North Scottsdale, Arizona. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in the Industry. The lead designer on every project is Janet Brooks, ASID.

Janet takes a personal, and very intimate interest in every detail of the designs for our clients created in the studio. As a result, our team of Phoenix interior designers at Janet Brooks Design is careful to select only projects for which we are the best “fit”, allowing us to offer the all of the advantages of our very personal design service. Our philosophy is quite simply expressed in the media quotes below:

“Janet’s focus in her work is ‘personal service’. She regards each design project as a new opportunity to assist clients in having the most enjoyable experience possible building and designing their home. As Janet states, ‘the most important thing I can do for a client as their interior designer is to care about their concerns, accurately interpret the words they use to describe their dreams and desires, guide them in exposure to materials and design options so they will have a strong base from which to make their decisions, and finally to orchestrate all of those elements together into one beautiful seamless symphony.”

“My work is not easily recognizable, unless you’re familiar with a number of projects I’ve done over the years. Then you may start to feel, rather than see, the common thread that runs through them all – comfort and warmth, no matter what the design style.” ….Janet Brooks, ASID

“While restrained, her work has received unrestrained praise from fellow designers, vendors, and clients. Her interiors are uniformly warm, cozy, and inviting. Janet is always striving to achieve that unique look, tailored to that specific client.”