Design Icon – Architect

Meet Icon: The Ranch Mine

Cavin Costello grew up at his fathers’ heels as he toured structure and architecture as an engineer. By five, Cavin had declared he would become an architect. And so he did, with two degrees from Boston University. He had been intrigued by the work of desert architects and decided to move to Phoenix to peruse a career. On his first day in Arizona, he met Claire. A local business graduate who had a lifetime passion to own and run a business, and an interest in design. In 2009, at the height of the recession, they launched The Ranch Mine together. Following Claire’s plan to master the business early. They took small projects, then remodels, and eventually new builds. The Canal House was their first new build, developed by the two, and designed to showcase their talents. It was a success, winning multiple architecture and design awards, receiving recognition in national publications, and traveling around the world on social media. Their design philosophy of focusing on the client and their living experience, combined with their ability to simplify every detail make their work unique. They are not focused on style or trend, but rather on function and place. It’s this vision that creates their unique brand of architecture.