Design Icon: Architect

Richärd Kennedy

Modern design is based on the understanding of context and program and seeking the simplest solution. Richärd Kennedy was founded as Richard + Bauer in 1996. Jim and Steve were modernist trained in larger firms, DeBartelo was an influential employer and guide, that struck out on their own. Their desire to create spaces that engage the environment and create innovative solutions created career’s in public libraries, community college facilities and a portfolio of high end institutional design projects. Their modernist roots are in the famous Beadle office building on 12th Street.  They have recently purchased the Iconic landmark and are restoring and reviving the extraordinary environment Beadle created. Their understanding of modern design has now allowed them to travel the world for work on U.S. Embassies and Consulates. The ability to create modern structures using creative assemblages bring their clients‘ value, but it is their understanding of the modernist principles of connectivity to the environment that drives their design vision.