Design Icon – Architect

Craig Wickersham started early—his father built a house when he was 12. The process got Wickersham hooked on architecture. He sought out an architect for tutoring, and produced his first buildable plans at 13. When the plans were approved and the house built, his real journey began. A personal meeting with Frank Lloyd Wright’s widow, Olgivanna Wright, got him an immediate job, and he began years worth of studio work at Taliesin. Work at Swaback Architects + Planners, and Allen + Philp Partners broadened his range and experience. But Wickersham was always independent, a consultant, so his own firm was always there. Activating his personal studio to create bespoke residential architecture was a natural. Focusing on creating personalized homes that fit his client’s needs and desires. Leading a team of professionals, he creates experiences for his clients. Spaces that speak to their specific lifestyles. He designs every detail, from architectural beams to bespoke furnishings to gallery art. Creating a design and living experience, that draws repeat work and friendly referrals. And has created a national portfolio of work with an international reach.