Design Icon – Architect

Benjamin Hall’s architectural journey began in high school, when he sat in on an architectural lecture, saw his calling, and turned it into an internship at Cal Poly. His study and degree at the University of Arizona introduced him to desert architecture. There, another lecture encounter turned into work with the famous Seattle architect Tom Kundig, principal of Olson Kundig Architects. After Hall’s northwoods experience,  he landed back in the desert with architect Will Bruder, working on international projects with his creative team. In 2011 he founded Benjamin Hall Design in downtown Phoenix, and moved his architectural journey to a personal level. Using his own home as a lab, he experimented and showcased his talent. He soon developed a small boutique multi-family unit in his neighborhood. When that project won an AIA Award, his proven skills and talent launched his firm into collaborative work and expanded his ability to develop, design and build his distinct vision of living architecture.