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Meet Icon: Karen Rapp

Karen Rapp grew up with a childhood filled with strong design influences. Her childhood visit to the futuristic city of Brasilia, seared into her memory a modern influence. Her contractor father built a mid century modern home for the family, and her grandmother lived in glam regency style residence. Her mother exposed her to art and art history. So her creative and fantastical nature were nurtured early. She eventually found her way to ASU and the interior design program, where she finally channeled her passion. Working for Don Brady on hospitality and residential projects helped launch her own firm, Karen Rapp Interiors. Her ability to connect with and translate her clients vision and style, drove her success. Working with the top talent in building and architecture has provided her with a quality canvas to paint her client’s personal style. She recently has joined Wiseman and Gale, an iconic Scottsdale design firm. Her talents and abilities continue to be focused on the personal wants, needs and vision of her clients. Truly a designer whose time, passion and place are all now aligned.