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Stacy and Kacie just fit together. Even their names fit together. Their experiences and growth are intertwined. And their design partnership deepens as they grow into Iconic Interior Designers. Stacy started at ASU studying Business but found her way to design through Scottsdale Community College. Kacie was focused on design from the beginning. From high school to the ASU Design School, she knew what her passion was. They both ended up at Est Est Interior Design on internships separately and stayed to begin their careers. Eventually, teaming together they developed a working relationship and valuable sets of skills. When family planning arose they launched their own firm K & Q Interiors, named after their new sons. Focusing on luxury residential design, they have created a firm that is builder-friendly, customer-focused, and with a vast range of style abilities. From modest remodels to opulent estates, they have the ability to elevate their clients’ lifestyles and quality of life. A design partnership that creates innovative details on interior architectural structure that is sculpted by their vision of an enriched life for their clients.