Design Icon – Interiors

Alexis “Lexi” Lundberg spent her childhood moving around the furniture at home, even repainting while her parents were away. That talent proved itself useful when her contractor husband asked her to stage one of their homes for sale. Lundberg put her talent to work to create a marketable design that worked. The young Icon was soon staging for others and building a client-based business. When the buyers loved her work, she was soon becoming an interior designer, learning to create spaces that met the needs and lifestyles of real people. When she founded Lexi Grace Designs, she had progressed to interior architectural detailing and new construction specification. Now working with her team on residential and commercial projects, she is building a career as an interior designer. The busy mother, wife, chauffeur and entrepreneur juggles a full schedule of life, while envisioning how to move the furniture around and make it look better.