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Linda Robinson

Linda Robinson married young, at 17, and moved into a modest home back East. There she discovered her passion for home improvement, teaching herself how to do plumbing and electrical, how to wallpaper and install finishes. Robinson created her own style and learned about scale, materials and artistic detailing. She studied at the New York School of Interior Design but was too busy actually doing work to stay. In the 1970s, Robinson found her way to Tucson where she fell in love with the desert environment. Combining her experience in Connecticut with traditional interiors and New York’s modern looks, she created her own Southwest style. With a past partnership with Larry Shades for 30 years, she received regional status, recognition and many design awards. Robinson’s passion for native adobe architecture drives her design visions, creating rugged but luxurious spaces that feel old and new at the same time. She sets the scene with rustic Spanish antiques, modern upholstery and Native American art, creating her signature style. Her advanced design training came from more than 60 model homes she created for a Tucson builder and the dozens of private homes she has handcrafted. Her extensive portfolio of adobe properties and luxury clients is a testament to her drive to learn, grow and create.