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Meet Icon: Haley Tew

Haley Tew grew up in the yard, outside, connected to nature. Her six-acre domain in a small Nebraska town was her world. When her father built a pool and developed the space, his first-born daughter was at his side. Developing her creative nature and her talent for learning working skills. At ASU she earned a combined interior design and landscape architecture degree, focusing on creating outdoor living spaces for people. She first honed her skill at a top commercial landscape architecture firm and then a residential landscape design firm. Building over a decade of experience, connections, and knowledge. In 2019, she opened her own firm, Lavender Landscape Design. With a contractor’s license and Antonio and his small crew, they just started. Returning clients and new referrals created a base from which they grew to bigger and better projects. The pandemic and Haley’s social media skills provided a boom to the growing business. Now with a staff of 15 in-house and 40 in the field. They are creating designs that create a better quality of family life, one connected to nature. Places for families to be out in the yard, just where Haley is most at home.