Design Icon – Landscape

Peggy De La Garza has spent a lifetime as a luxury landscape designer. Her natural talent and personal drive has propelled her through a career of landscape experiences and accomplishments. She began at 23, beside her husband Larry, a landscape contractor who loves to build and has a passion for boulders. His hardscape designs were a perfect canvas for Peggy to paint with flowers, plants and trees. Her natural eye and creative brain helped her find her style of landscape design. Together they built a quality-focused business working on large-scale residential projects with a need for extra attention and creative solutions. In the ’70s on Camelback and Black mountains, the ’80s at Desert Highlands and Pinnacle Peak, the ’90s at Desert Mountain, and the 2000s in Paradise Valley and back to all of the others. In 2005, Larry retired, and Peggy took over all aspects of the soft and hard design, plus managing the long-time team of skilled craftsmen and labor in the field. Driven by her creative talent and endless opportunities to work with her network of clients and friends, her work continues. She approaches everyday with gratitude, for the blessings, the people and the plants in her life. Well done!