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The Green Goddess

Andre Lugo is a natural entrepreneur and a leader. The Green Goddess, which he founded in the 1970s with his wife, Claudia Lugo, is the result of his long journey filled with family and close co-workers. He started at age 15 with a truck and a loan from his mother. His offer to clean a corral and haul the manure for a stranger started a business. After Andre completed his work, he had 15 referrals and a new business. Same story with mowing lawns. By the time he left for college, he had two thriving businesses. After pre-med and horticulture degrees from ASU, he started a farm to grow organic tomatoes for gourmet restaurants and grocers. Later, Claudia added some houseplants to the greenhouse, and they were soon in the plant business. It all grew to include pottery and fountain businesses, as well as a retail store. The Lugos recognized opportunities when they arose and took them. With the help of family and now 40 coworkers, the Lugos have created a community asset that brings life and joy to those around him.