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Baker + Hesseldenz studio  is a luxury studio quality furniture brand with an exclusive presence in national design showrooms that is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Tucson, Arizona.  Scott Baker and Mary Ann Hesseldenz have created a brand that combines their divergent stories and personalities. Scott, an accomplished furniture maker from a historically Quaker family of craftsman and furniture makers has a precise and studied style. Mary Ann, also a furniture maker, but with roots in New York fashion  and  the punk rock scene, brings a rebellious and creative streak. Together, their divergent styles intersect, creating conflict and energy, combined with warmth and timelessness. Together they have curated a collection of seating, tables, and case goods that are stunning in style and rooted in quality and timeless elegance. Each handcrafted to exact specifications from the finest materials, nurtured by hand in their furniture studio. Under their combined talents they have created a collection of furnishings that is boldly confident, that feels very discreet.  A masterful combination!