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Monterrey Tile is a unique supplier of floor covering material. Their history, story, and growth are what create their unique mix of products and approaches. Founded over 35 years ago as a Saltillo tile retail store, they have always followed the market. Adding products and services to meet needs. Their close and unique relationship with the installation professionals has created a deep bond based on history. They work to train, educate and support the installers and the work on site. Creating long terms programs to develop skills and business practices to make the whole profession stronger. With three showrooms across spread across the valley, they are accessible and stocked with products. As the largest Arizona-based distributor of floor covering, they import unique and appropriate products for the Arizona Desert. Their showrooms are filled with high-quality porcelain tiles, natural stones, quartz slabs, and landscape pavers. Enough to meet any designers’ and architects’ needs. They are the installers’ go-to for installation materials and tools. They continue to focus on supporting the community and each other. Now an employee-owned company they continue their unique approach but are focused on the long team success of their whole community.