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Interior designer Isabel Dellinger Candelaria and architect Mark Candelaria are a dynamic team, focused of creating experiences for their clients and friends, in residences that meet their lifestyle needs and desires. Creating highly customized homes and interiors that express their clients’ personal style and elevate their personal lifestyle, is their specialty. Bespoke design is the focus of the couple’s work—both separately and together. He’s the founder of Candelaria Design, she helms Earth and Images. Deeply understanding their clients’ habits, motions and life movements help them create highly specialized living spaces. The Quigley residence showcases their ability to create something special and specific. The dated Paradise Valley home was purchased by a new couple hoping to create a new haven for themselves and provide a space for their blended family. The existing home was a dated Santa Barbra style with a disjointed plan and a very dark interior.  A perfect candidate for some Candelaria magic!