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Andrew Pielage Photography

Andrew Pielage grew up in Tempe with parents who enjoyed outdoor adventures. The family would pack up the Ford Bronco and head into the desert. Mom always bought a disposable camera for Pielage to play with. He learned to photograph landscapes by experience, snapping details and panoramas, and getting them developed at Walgreens. By 16, the Phoenix-based photographer was traveling to national parks, creating a portfolio of landscape work. One of his first architectural shots was at Frank Lloyd Wright’s historic architectural compound, Taliesin West in Scottsdale. For Pielage, it was a one-shot chance to photograph the landmark and make an impression. He credits Wright’s connection to the land that made the experience a natural for him, blending nature and architecture to create a stunning image. Pielage’s work was embraced by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, which owns Taliesin West, and he was suddenly inside the iconic brand. In addition to Taliesin West, Pielage has now photographed 129 of the 430 remaining Wright structures. He’s on a lifetime journey to document them all. Now, as an accomplished architectural photographer, with a gallery-quality portfolio, he also works for Realtors, developers and design professionals to bring that same eye for nature and architecture to their design projects. This fall, Pielage opened his first international solo exhibit in Prague, “Frank Lloyd Wright x Organic Principles,” which will travel to Phoenix in spring of next year.