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Raza Development Fund

1 E Washington St Suite 2250,
Phoenix, AZ 85004

As the largest Latino Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), with more than $400 million in total assets under management, RDF has provided capital to Latino-serving organizations nationwide.

General info
These organizations have received technical assistance and loans, which have helped leverage nearly $3 billion in private capital for education, affordable housing and healthcare projects serving low-income families and individuals.
Service for the love of family is the foundation of RDF. With a focus on lending capital, with business discipline and charity serving poor communities, we help tailor project loans with community leaders and organizations that serve Latino and poor communities.
Our focused community development model keeps us close to the real issues that low-income families face and enables us to anticipate future needs.
This is accomplished through pre-development loans, organizational assessments and a range of unconventional lending products.
RDF takes an active role in promoting the success of its partners and clients. Our hands on approach to community development is collaborative and designed to add value throughout the development process- from concept to completion.