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Steve Martino & Associates

For the past 40 years, the landscape architectural firm of Steve Martino & Associates has been committed to the development and advancement of Landscape Architecture in the Southwest.

General info
The firm’s intimate understanding of the region as well as its capacity to critically analyze the diverse implications of a project enables the firm to undertake complex and demanding projects throughout the Southwest.

With a demonstrated knowledge of materials and design skills, Steve Martino Landscape Architects strives to integrate the needs of people and nature in clear and understandable terms.

Landscape Architect Steve Martino, FASLA, has earned a national reputation for consistent design excellence in landscape architecture. Steve’s pioneering work with native plant material and the development of a desert derived design aesthetic is widely recognized. A recurring theme of his professional work has been the dramatic juxtaposition of man-made elements with ecological processes.

Built projects consistently addressed the difficult conflicts of contemporary expectations in an environment whose foundation is a fragile desert landscape. His designs strive to make evident the positive aspects of our relation to history and the landscape and inspire people to live in ways that promote the health of the natural world.