From the desk of Nora Burba Trulsson

  • How We Live Today

    In his 36 years in business, Cullum has seen many home-building trends come, go and stay. “I’ve been in the business so long that I like to say running water was a trend I remember,” jokes Cullum. “I have seen it all.” Here, Cullum shares his thoughts on today’s trends...

  • Community Partners

    Gensler Phoenix comes to the table to work on Mayor Kate Gallego's vision for the city.

  • Local Influences

    Deconstructing Gensler's Arizona Design Approach.

  • New Quarters for Gensler Phoenix

    The Esplanade space offers visibility, connectivity, and flexibility.

  • Art Gensler's Legacy

    Starting in a one-room office, the Architect built the world's biggest architecture firm.

  • NOMA

    NOMA supports the community as well as the profession.

  • Mentoring Each Other

    NAWIC uses networking, education and community service to advance women in the field.

  • Always Iconic

    Catch up with our Icon: Marlene Imirzian

  • Mrs. Lucky Leaves the Boys Behind

    Follow Mrs. Lucky as she travels through the beautiful Paris area.